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ThankYouGoodNight: TYGN is ...

     ThankYouGoodNight is now acoustic!  We play music spanning 6 decades; a little of this and a little of that! Classic & Modern Rock, Pop, Blues, country, R & B, Soul ... it's all there and it's music that you know.  TYGN loves to mix it up, so join us for a great time! 

Teri Silver Vocals & Percussion

   Teri is a singer.  She sings.  She sings this, she sings that, she sings everything.  Teri has a large repertoire and wide variety of musical interests with influences ranging from (but not limited to) Streisand to Franklin to Knight to Cline to Holiday to Raitt to Joplin to  Benatar to Ronstadt to Fitzgerald to Springfield and then some... the list goes on and on. Teri is a singer, writer, radio broadcaster, publicist, and lyricist. And happily married to Jeff since 1990. Teri is on the web @ 

Jeff Jordan Guitars & Vocals 

   And Legal counsel.  Jeff is a hands-on kind of guy who STILL insists that playing in the Columbus Youth Symphony and Worthington High School Pit Orchestra is somehow relevant to what he does for TYGN.  Whether he's strumming, singing, setting up, tearing down, running sound, charting songs, booking shows, or just trying to keep Teri in line, ThankYouGoodNight would be lost without Quisp.  

Guest Musicians Guitars & Vocals

TYGN Acoustic features a variety of talented musicians, on any given occasion. Whenever possible, we love working with this man of many musical talents; Larry Wolkan. Yes, Lar's musical expertise keeps him pretty busy throughout the year -- as a lyricist, composer and arranger, Lar creates and produces music in various genres including Jazz, Blues, Rock and Country styles. For TYGN's acoustic show, Lar plays his favorite 6-string but he can add bass, keys, harmonica, trombone, mandolin and vibes to any musical jam.