ThankYouGoodNight                       Guest Musicians                                                         --------------                                               Larry Wolkan                                                                  Guitar, Bass, Vocals                                                                                 ------------                       Harry Tabler                              Keys, Guitar, Vocals                                                                                                          ------------                                   Mark See                                                        Guitar, Bass, Vocals                                 ” - Musical Friends of TYGN!
ThankYouGoodNight Comments ThankYouGoodNight is a great band! We're looking forward to seeing you again.” - J.S.
Teri is a talented vocalist who performs a broad repertoire of popular music. She has an engaging stage presence. We love TYGN and we've seen them a lot! I especially enjoyed listening to Teri, Jeff, and the rest of the guys at the Ohio State Fair in the summer of 2008.” - J.E.J.
You guys were great!  Thank you so much for performing for the Fur Ball (Humane Society of Delaware County.) I was thrilled to have the band there.  All in all HSDC raised over $28,000...not too shabby!  I feel the evening was a great step forward for HSDC. Thank you for being part of the evening. Wade Bean, HSDC Director” - W.B.
Great band, great singer, great backup. You guys rock! ” - L.S.
Wow!! Thanks for the update on your upcoming gigs. Hope to catch one in Delaware.” - M.C.
GREAT, very enjoyable, what a voice!”

— G.D.

Promotional Branding Information for ThankYouGoodNight Yes, branding is important! When referring to ThankYouGoodNight (TYGN) or producing any kinds of promotional materials for the band (such as fliers, website mentions, listings, etc,)  please contact us at  for guidelines on verbiage, spelling, fonts, colors and the logo.  We really appreciate it! ” - Teri Silver

— ThankYouGoodNight