Great Show at the Fair 

And boy was it ever hot!  With temperatures at about 90 degrees outside, TYGN was on the gazebo stage for two shows at the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday, August 3rd.  We had a number of compliments; thank you to all who stopped in to see us. Just as it happened during the full band's Ohio State Fair performance in 2008, we saw a number of folks -- people we don't know -- taking pictures and video for their fair memories. That's a lovely compliment!    

Heading Back to the Fair 

It's true, TYGN has not been very active over the last couple of years, and there are reasons for that ... some make sense, others do not.  But Jeff, Teri and Lar will perform on the Gazebo Stage of the Ohio State Fair on Wednesday, August 3rd. Showtimes are at noon (until 12:30) and 2pm (until 2:30).   

What We Do ... 

is here and there, up and down, in and out and all over town.  Or something like that.  We're still playing but we haven't done much in public lately.  Looking to change that!

Still Strummin' 

We haven't forgotten! J & T are looking at some musical options ... stay tuned!


ThankYouGoodNightAcoustic is guitars and harmony with Teri, Jeff and Steve.  We're looking to add performances to our calendar.

TYGN is on hiatus 

We love the band and no matter where it leads us, we'll play music again somehow, someday!  We're exploring all options for the future of ThankYouGoodNight. 

TYGN at the "Fur Ball" 

ThankYouGoodNight enjoyed playing at Fur Ball 2009 for the Humane Society of Delaware County.  It was a great turnout and a lot of fun was had by all. 

The band is now working to fine tune our current sets and add more music to the repertoire, we'll start booking again soon.

Break Time 

TYGN has taken a break in bookings, as we re-tool our sound.  Please check back! Also, if you'd like to be on our mailing list, scroll to the bottom of the page links on any page of this site, you'll see the box where you can add your email address. TYGN does not rent, sell, lend or forward email address to third parties.

Tonight at Eldorado's! 

ThankYouGoodNight will be at the venue this evening,we hope our friends and fans will stop out to see us, have a drink, have a laugh and just have some fun. Yay Buckeyes! 

Happy Independence Day! 

Love it! The fourth of July is a very special time for Americans.  It's the day we celebrate our freedoms and our country and how grand is that!  Enjoy the fireworks and picnics and enjoy the freedoms we Americans have.  Enjoy summer and Celebrate!